Rumor – logo, immagini e prime informazioni per Need For Speed Heat

A meno di 24 ore dal suo annuncio ufficiale, in rete hanno iniziato a circolare delle prime immagini e prime informazioni di Need For Speed Heat, possibile titolo della saga in uscita quest’anno.

Logo, immagini e prime informazioni per Need For Speed Heat!

Le seguenti informazioni, sono state raccolte e pubblicate successivamente sul noto forum, ResetEra;

  • Open-world
  • Darker, more serious story
  • Ghost Games will use this game as a base for ALL Need for Speed games going forward
  • Game is a fusion of NFS 2015 + NFS Rivals
  • Not always online, can be paused
  • Brake to drift is returning but has been fixed and modified to make it responsive
  • Levelling up unlocks parts like NFS 2015
  • Speed Cards are completely removed
  • Off-road is gone
  • Graphics look better than Payback and is on par with 2015. You’ve got water on the road, reflections, that kind of thing
  • No Day/Night cycle. Time of day is dictated by which races you get into
  • Rain is confirmed
  • Classic NFS-style cop chases are back and are in free roam. They have heat levels, helicopters are returning to free-roam chases and there’s no speedbreakers.
  • Damage bars and petrol stations are returning from Rivals
  • Pro Street Legal Races will be around
  • Speed list assignments are returning from Rivals for a more non-linear experience
  • The appearance of nitrous is a mix between the effect in NFS Rivals and the effect in NFS 2015
  • Heat level has an 80s flair to it (??)

Di seguito le prime immagini trapelate:

Appassionato di console sin da bambino, ha cominciato la sua carriera da videogiocatore con l'intramontabile PlayStation One e tanto tempo ci vorrà prima di attaccare il DualShock al muro. Predilige con maestria quasi tutti i generi videoludici, eccezion fatta per i puzzle game. Ha un debole per JRPG e RPG ed è un malato di Final Fantasy e Metal Gear Solid.


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