Final Fantasy 7 Remake – la seconda parte è in “pieno sviluppo”, la conferma di Nomura


Grazie ad un ultima intervista rilasciata per Weekly Famitsu, veniamo a conoscenza dello stato dei lavori sulla parte 2 di Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

La parte 2 di Final Fantasy 7 Remake procede a gonfie vele!

Di seguito l’intervista rilasciata:

Tetsuya Nomura (Director)

  • “I fully understand the importance of releasing a continuation soon. We want to deliver as quick as possible. We’ve grasped where the level of quality should be this time too.”
  • “For the next game, we plan to release something with even greater quality and even more enjoyable than the first game, as quickly as possible.”
  • “When we announce the next game, we hope to also make our future plans clear.”
  • Regarding Jessie’s popularity: “I never imagined she would be this popular.”
  • “As for the hand massages [in Wall Market], if we did anything risky in that town, the rating would have most likely gone up, so that was probably the most we could do.”
  • “The Whispers could be seen because you made contact with Aerith. How long was Aerith able to see them? That’s a question that I cannot yet answer.”

Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)

  • “The story of a new Final Fantasy VII is only just beginning.”

Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-Director)

  • “Development on the next game has already begun and we’re hard at work. You’ll be waiting a little while, but please look forward to it.”
  • “Feedback from fans who want to use Classic Mode at Normal difficulty will be kept in mind for the future.”

Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director)

  • “Roche was going to appear in the last battle, but it ruined the serious tone, so we got rid of it. We had the idea for a battle in the slums in Chapter 14, but gave up on that as there are no roads to ride motorcycles in the slums. He’s a character that leaves a huge impression from first sight, so his chances of coming back in the sequel is high.”
  • “AVALANCHE’s hideout was removed to create a greater sense of distance between AVALANCHE and Cloud.”

Nobuo Uematsu (Composer)

  • “’Hollow’ is the first song I made while playing guitar.”

Kazushige Nojima (Scenario)

  • “The Final Fantasy series is a series that continues to challenge and change. And Final Fantasy VII Remake is no exception.”

Makoto Ise (Sound Director)

  • “Doing the voice work for several languages at once (for a worldwide simultaneous release) was hell in the final stages of development. Between us, we just made it before the deadline.”

Keiji Kawamori (Music Supervisor)

  • “(Although we had the idea of going silent and background music-free to invoke a sense of realism,) we decided to have constant sound like the original Final Fantasy VII.”

Francesco Suozzo
Francesco Suozzo
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