Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – Annunciato ufficialmente il nuovo progetto


In giornata attraverso un breve teaser, Rabbit & Bear Studios software house a Tokyo capitanata dai creatori originali di Suikoden, hanno annunciato ufficialmente Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, il loro nuovo progetto tramite kickstarter.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes è il progetto dai creatori di Suikoden!

Stando a quanto dichiarato, il titolo è al momento programmato per autunno 2022, con la possibilità di arrivo anche su next-gen.

Inoltre grazie a Gematsu, Murayama ha rilasciato diverse informazioni sul titolo:

Eiyuden Chronicle is about war, or more importantly, the intention and feelings of the 100 heroes who fight that war from a variety of perspectives and for a variety of different reasons,” Murayama told Gematsu. “And of course the drama that can only occur when a group of different people from different walks of life come together and must wage a war of life and death.”

And the many characters that participate in this war aren’t just pawns added in as ‘war fodder,’ they have a living breathing soul and begrudgingly must fight to protect the things they believe in. Additionally, there are non-combat specialists, researchers, and other ‘heroes’ on the periphery that can help win battles or lose them. Each and every one of them is a living breathing character that the player gives life to through their choices.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses that can be leveraged to help the player form a balanced team.

Some characters are good are some things and bad at others.
But if you combine them with other characters that can strengthen their weaknesses, you can end up with a really balanced team. And based on that delicate balance your team make be more apt at mining or adventuring which will affect the overall game progression loop. One of the core game loops in Eiyuden is to experience the wide variety of different characters and personalities in your 100 person army.

With each new character your ‘fortress town’ grows in size and ability. It is a key system in the game. As you increase your teammates, some members will be blacksmiths, some chefs and whether on the battlefield or not, each character will play a role in strengthening your resolve as an army. There are guilds that you can join which will largely change the visual make-up of your fortress town and grant different abilities. The more people you recruit, the stronger the snowball effect. As you level up, new trade options appear along with enemies and thieves that randomly attack your town in an effort to impede your progress. You need to make choices whether to strengthen your walls or hasten your progress. Each choice will make every play session feel different and have its own consequences.”

Per maggiori informazioni, vi rimandiamo alla news completa di Gematsu.

In allegato il primo teaser ufficiale:


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