Team Ninja – l’ultimo saluto a Dead Or Alive 5


Poco fa Team Ninja ha rilasciato un importante video con cui saluta per l’ultima Dead Or Alive 5, titolo durato più di 5 anni che ha visto anche una riedizione per PlayStation 4 chiamata “Last Round”, uscita nel 2015.

Dead Or Alive 5 uscì nel lontano 2012 per PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360, nel 2013 è stata realizzata una versione per PlayStation Vita chiamata “Dead Or Alive 5 Plus”. Sempre nel 2013 arrivò la sua versione “Ultimate”, che fu distribuita in Italia anche in versione free to play chiamato “Core Fighters”. Due anni dopo arrivò sulle console old gen e next gen, la sua ultima versione chiamata “Last Round”

Team Ninja saluta dopo 5 anni, Dead Or Alive 5!

Di seguito i vari messaggi rilasciati dal team di sviluppo:

Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja Brand Manager

Hi, everyone, I’m Team Ninja’s brand manager, Yosuke Hayashi. Thank you for your continued support of Dead or Alive. It’s been five years since Dead or Alive 5 hit the market, and thanks to your undying love, the franchise has grown much bigger during this period. I’d also like to express my gratitude to Big E for all the tournaments you organized for our game over the years. Dead or Alive 5 has finally come to an end, but the Dead or Alive team is very active. Looking forward, I hope you’ll continue to support Dead or Alive. Thank you!

Yutaka Saito, Dead or Alive Art Director

To all of you who are participating in Battle Royal 2017, as well as organizers and staff, thank you very much for your support. I am Dead or Alive‘s art director Yutaka Saito. Five years is a long time, isn’t it? While we were constantly doing our best to improve the game, we were always watching your matches, whether they were joyful victories or heartbreaking defeats. I’m a player myself, so I get very emotional watching those. I take pride in the fact that we’ve been able to create such heartfelt games all these years. I sincerely hope that I get to create more inspiring games so that someday I can greet you like this once again. I look forward to your continued support and working with you again. Thank you very much! It’s been a great ride.

Yohei Shimbori, Game Director

Hi, I’m the game director Yohei Shimbori. To all Dead or Alive players, Big E, and the tournament staff, thank you very much! This is a bit personal, but I’ve always been very into fighting games, and when I found this job, that is when I was first introduced to Dead or Alive, and I’ve learned a great deal through my working experience. However, there was a time when the Dead or Alive series had been put on hold. That’s when I swore to myself that we will make Dead or Alive the best fighting game and that people around the world will play our game. That is an oath I made to myself. At last, Dead or Alive 5 has become a game worthy of tournaments such as this one. It’s been five years, yet you are still playing it, our tournaments get better each time, new champions emerge, and our community continues to expand. Also, the free-to-play version is doing well, and we created so much downloadable content that the sheer amount would be worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records. However, it is time to stop what we are doing for now and look into the future, which means we may not be around for some time… but we are very much looking forward to seeing you again someday. And I hope you will maintain your love for Dead or Alive and keep on fighting! Thank you so much for everything!

In allegato il video:

Francesco Suozzo
Francesco Suozzo
Appassionato di console sin da bambino, ha cominciato la sua carriera da videogiocatore con l'intramontabile PlayStation One e tanto tempo ci vorrà prima di attaccare il DualShock al muro. Predilige con maestria quasi tutti i generi videoludici, eccezion fatta per i puzzle game. Ha un debole per JRPG e RPG ed è un malato di Final Fantasy e Metal Gear Solid.


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