Marvel’s Avengers – il gameplay verrà mostrato una settimana dopo la Gamescom 2019


Durante il Comi-Con di San Diego, Square Enix e Marvel’s Game hanno annunciato ufficialmente che il gameplay previsto per oggi, ovvero la “A-Day Demo”, sarà mostrata al pubblico una settimana dopo la Gamescom 2019, da un periodo che varia dal 26 al 30 agosto 2019.

La demo di Marvel’s Avengers si farà attendere ancora!

Oltre a questo annuncio, Square Enix ha rilasciato nuove informazioni grazie al profilo Twitter dedicato al titolo in questione:

  • Shaun shares some super exciting news! The team is hard at work polishing our A-Day demo, and we’re going to release the footage online the week after Gamescom finishes.
  • Wrapping up the demo, Shaun confirms that this is the beginning of the game, and the first time that you’ll play as the Avengers, so it is an introduction to the heroes and how they control.
  • After you finish the Prologue, the world opens up, and using a reclaimed Helicarrier as your base of operations, you’ll launch single-player and co-op missions in hotspots around the globe.
  • Hall H is now getting a look at a short video as Shaun explains how you’ll customize the iconic Heroes with classic, fan-favorite, and all-new outfits.
  • You’ll also unlock powerful skills and new gear that suits your playstyle and explore a variety of environments filed with challenging missions.
  • Shaun is now clarifying a common question from online – this is a story-driven game, with certain missions designed for specific heroes, and many can be played using any available Hero in your roster.
  • In the post-campaign world, play missions with any available Hero in your roster to defend the Earth from escalating threats. We’ll have more details about the campaign and co-op play, and how it all works, in the future! 
  • One final shout out- Square Enix is partnering with PlayStation to bring awesome surprises and unique benefits to the PlayStation audience, & one of these benefits is that the PS4 community can play the Beta first. We’ll have more details on our partnership in the months to come.


Francesco Suozzo
Francesco Suozzo
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